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Livingston Concrete 
Residential Driveways, Walkways, Walls and Patios

Concrete is by far the best choice for the flatwork around your home. It offers an upscale appearance, is cleaner and environmentally friendly, is light-reflective, stays cooler in summer, and will provide decades of service without the continued maintenance required with asphalt.
Stamped concrete is another smart choice for driveways, walkways and patios as its cost-effective. Providing a multitude of design and color options, it has become an extremely popular alternative over standard concrete. Stamped concrete or paver stones are offered by Livingston Concrete and Redi-Wall LLC.
With the versatility of concrete you can enhance the beauty of your property with the natural rock look and structural strength of Redi-Rock and Rosetta Hardscapes. These products create stunning wall systems (either freestanding, barrier or retaining), columns, steps, seating, fountains, fire pits and more.
Concrete poured walls are a tried and true building material for home or business, another option is an ICF wall (insulated concrete forms). ICF walls are special forms filled with concrete that gives your home or business additional value. Ask about this green product and installation.
Design versatility is a major advantage of stamped concrete. Choose the pattern and the color(s) and you're on your way to a beautiful stamped concrete driveway, walkway or patio. A multitude of patterns and colors are available (cobblestone, interlocking stone, fractured slate, natural stone, and more).
Your application will determine whether to use rigid or semi-rigid mats, flexible mats or texturing skins. These tools offer adaptability, so you can install stamped concrete no matter what the contour of your terrain may be.
Most stamped concrete applications can be done in one to five days, depending on the size of the area. You'll end up with decorative flatwork which only requires resealing every few years to maintain color vibrancy and prevent staining.
ACID Staining - This is another process that can be added to old and new concrete floors to change the look for a home, office or building and can turn that concrete to look warm and inviting. The concrete is color etched to give your floor the look of different textures. The surface is very durable and great for high traffic areas.
IMPORTANT: When hiring your stamped concrete contractor, make sure that they are certified finishers, for best results, call your concrete experts at Livingston Concrete. We can help insure your investment is done right.

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